Friday, August 31, 2012

Today is full of awesome

Sometimes, so many awesome videos land in your lap in a single day - you just have to share them all at once. These are ridiculously unrelated except that they all super awesome.

First off, Empire State of Pen by Patrick Vale - a beautiful time lapse of Patrick drawing lower Manhattan as seen from the ESB - his details are stunning

empire state of pen from patrick vale on Vimeo.

Here's a heart tugging, smile inducing moment - the kind these reality talent shows are really made for. Meet Lucy Spraggan - a 20 year old English musician the world fell in love with on her X Factor audition. 

Not up for heart tugging? How about HILARIOUS. Any video with 80 millions views is pretty old news, but I can't help but share anyways. Too. Funny. 'Gangnam Style' by PSY is practically guaranteed to make you laugh at least a little, and far more catchy than you expected (2 hours later).

Here's a nice middle ground of adorable and awesome. Things certainly have changed since I was hanging out on the playground eating snacks. "Hot Cheetos and Takis" by YNRichKids = awesome. Apparently Washington Post and Rolling Stone agree. SNACK, SNACK, SNACK... MUNCH

Friday, December 16, 2011


Great thoughts and comments on trends, influencers, and the current design culture.

I particularly like minutes 7-10 talking about the tipping point of new/trendy/cool to mainstream and the relevance of brands as influencers with the distance from a large brand to actual trending culture.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Drawings a Day

Illustrator Denis Chapon's 12 Drawings A Day: An Animated Story

This is stunning. Chapon drew 12 drawings a day, the equivalent of one second of video frames, each day for three years and ended up with this beautiful video.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Object Architecture

Amazing video creating various architecture landmarks out of objects such as books, bowls, knives and even a wig. For any architecture lover, this is pretty great. Created by Luis Urculo.

Via Arch Daily & Veronica

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Support the FSU Film School Master Thesis films for 2012 on Kickstarter. There are 23 filmmakers and and 18 films being produced. Beyond their small student budget, these students are looking get just $1000 extra each to make even better films. Watch their video below and support them on Kickstarter today!

Also - this whole video was shot in one continuous shot! Crazy!

Field of Light

Field of Light, an installation by British light artist Bruce Munro, opened this weekend at The Holbourne Museum. Field of Light consists of a stunning 5,000 lightbulbs "planted" around the museum grounds creating something akin to Avatar's glowing Pandora landscape.

Breathtaking - if you're in the UK - check it out! Its open through January 2012.

Via Laughing Squid

Build your own font

FontStruct lets you build, share and download fonts. Haven't tried it, but it seems pretty cool.

Using the fonts made on the site, this limited edition poster was created and is for sale on Etsy.

Also, if modules and pixels aren't sure style - you can upload your handwriting to create a custom font using one of these sites - Fontifier or YourFonts for only $9.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It doesn't get much cute than this! Little Printer brought to us by BERG

Full article on FastCo

CNN Ecosphere

Hello lovely

This live twitter visualization is one of the most gorgeous, smooth and data filled visualizations I've ever seen. CNN's Ecosphere is a visualization of the live conversation for the COP17 Conference on Climate Change.

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