Monday, January 31, 2011


This is my video from last semester showing the making process of my letters for this poster. The idea was to create a self promotion piece showcase various techniques and visuals. The video is a super super high speed version of about 50 hours of video. It really is meant to serve as a form of transparency for the piece...proof theres no faking, photoshopping, etc. I wanted to try to blend my various experiences like architecture modeling, printmaking, packaging and now communications design all into one cohesive piece.

This will serve as a part of a self promotion piece Ill be mailing out for potential jobs after I graduate :)

Song: Where Damage Isn't Already Done by The Radio Dept
Thanks to Mike for helping get this small enough to get online!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

This is hysterical - and so so so true! I wish I could just email this to potential clients so they can decide what they want and we can all be on the same page from the get go :)

Designed by Colin Harman and available for purchase here for $28.50


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sneak Peek

Sneak peek of the main characters for my new stop motion animation for class

First it will be a flip book, then a video will be done week after next...get excited :)

Here's how-to make these ridiculously awesome cotton ball sheep, although mine will be much smaller than these guys

Friday, January 21, 2011

REDU "Manifesto" Animation

LET'S REDU from Redu on Vimeo.

Umm I love this... I mean, really? Stop motion with WOOD! And such a great it :)

Also, I have a new obsession with Hunter Gatherer, the designers of this video, and you'll be seeing a LOT more from them :)

Here's how the company explains the video:
"REDU is an Education Reform destination resulting from a collaboration between CAA, Bing, Task Force and Good Magazine, among others.

The video is a 2-minute stop-motion animation explaining what REDU is all about. It was created almost entirely in-camera, and hand-made from literally thousands of individually cut blocks. Narration by Davis Guggenheim."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Should I Work For Free

Check out this fun decision flowchart (seem to be all the rage these days) by Jessica Hische, designer of beautiful typography, on "Should I work for free?"

She gives some pretty fun scenarios and as a desperate grad student, I've been in way too many of them haha

Also, not to be missed, she did it in html so that you can translate it using Google Translate into like a million languages. Its also available for download in English as a jpg.

Via Daniel & Cool Infographics

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Noun Project

Hours and hours and hours spent finding good, free vectors for projects in the past now compiled neatly into one goodness this is wonderful :)

The Noun Project is project by Edward Boatman to compile high quality, free vectors that make up a universal visual language and make it accessible for anyone and everyone.

He got his funding using KickStarter and will now work to upgrade the site to include a search feature as well as categories with batches of common images.

Here's a few of my favorites!

Via Swissmiss & Shannon

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buffalo Run Productions

I love when I have awesome friends doing awesome things!

Evan Bauxbaum's Buffalo Run Productions has put out some pretty cool short films and now a new feature length film called La Linea will be coming out soon. Its about the story of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexico/US border and looks awesome. Here's the trailor below:

Evan is the writer, director and producer all the films. Many of his short films have won awards at film festivals all over the country. Here's the trailer to one of his short films, "The Roofer" below.

The Roofer - Trailer from evan buxbaum on Vimeo.

If you like his work, or just like supporting talented people, check out his new Facebook fan page for updates on videos, awards and photos from the filming or follow him on Twitter.

Meet Steve Duncan

Urban explorer extraordinaire

He climbs bridges, explores sewers and sneaks down subway tunnels to discover beautiful places all over New York City (and tons of other cities) He takes amazing pictures of all the places he goes like these below. They are all available for purchase on his site

Here is a video of some of his New York exploring with videography Andrew Wonder. He goes to the Old City Hall Station, the first subway stop in NYC, into the sewer, the Lincoln Tunnel and CLIMBS the Williamsburg Bridge. Its should watch it :)

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My love of Moleskine will never end

Totally obsessed with this...

and here's how it was made :)

Dispersed Memorial

Check out this amazing project by some past professors of mine.

On 1/11 Dispersed Memorial Announces its Vision to Honor 9/11 Victims

Asheville, North Carolina - Jan 11, 2011 -- A project to honor the lives of 9/11 victims, Dispersed Memorial, is setting its goals for the 10th and 11th anniversaries of the tragedy. Thousands of glass plates, inscribed with written dedications to victims and an outline of the missing Twin Towers, will populate New York City in locations where the towers were onc

e visible. The memorials will create a dispersed constellation of markers throughout the city that will connect the stories of loved ones and materialize a collective memory.

Each glass plate outline of the Twin Towers will correspond to the memory of the city’s skyline in varying locations. At night, the markers will light up one by one as an echo to the candles that were lit for the lives of victims in the days following 9/11, and will illuminate the inscriptions of stories, letters, poems and names that honor each victim. The memorial allows each contributor to choose the location of the glass plates where they wish to honor victims.

Dispersed Memorial was conceptualized in 2001 by Martha Skinner and Doug Hecker of fieldoffice, an interdisciplinary practice which challenges the distinctions between architecture, urbanism, and art. Their design response was related to their firm’s focus on the temporal quality of social responses to tragedy. Co-founder Martha Skinner explained, “As a former resident of New York City, I felt like I needed to be there, to be part of people coming together to deal with the situation, to heal, a

nd to share something in common.” In anticipation of the 10th and 11th anniversaries of the event, fieldoffice has expanded the team to work with individuals ranging from urban planners, university professors, artists and architecture students, and is inviting additional collaborators.

By collecting and installing the stories behind the lives of 9/11 victims, Dispersed Memorial explores concepts of dispersed memory as a continual presence in a city and how that memory can connect people. “There is a sacredness within the fabric of the city. It is about the memory of the Twin Towers as an orienting device, and entire lives, and the losses that affected so many people,” Skinner said.

For more information about the project team and collaborative opportunities, visit the Dispersed Memorial website:


Martha Skinner

Co-founder of Dispersed Memorial


Sunday, January 2, 2011

If you're not using social media...

you should be :)

Fun visualization video of social media stats by DBA Worldwide

A Day in the Life of Social Media from DBA Worldwide on Vimeo.

**Shameless plug for my company**

Check out The Spark Group for some amazing social media marketing
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