Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Hope This Gets To You

This is too cute and so creative! Its been mentioned it might be fake, but after checking out the guy's twitter page, I am choosing to just hope its real :)

Its a video from Walter May to his girlfriend, Lex, who moved across the country for grad school. He created this in secret with his roommates, the band The Daylights, having begged all their mutual friends not to tell her about it. He wants her to find out about it organically.

I love that something going viral is so common these days. Its crazy to think she really might find out about this video just by its spreading naturally.

Thanks Kendall for sharing :)

UPDATE: She got it in a mere 3 days! So impressive!


  1. walter may, will you be my boyfriend?

  2. Faces.. you would! I love the piano :) You know I that next time I see you we're gonna try this, right?


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