Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Whale Hunt

Prepare to be blown away.

Reminding me of the flickr thread showing all the people who sat across from Marina Abramovic at her recent MoMA exhibit, this is a piece that, once you start looking, its incredibly difficult to step away.

The Whale Hunt is a beautiful project by Jonathan Harris - storyteller, visual artist, computer scientist, anthropologist, data voyeur, photographer, digital anthropologist, interviewer, and designer - that really pushes storytelling to a new level. Harris is the designer behind We Feel Fine and many other unique online story-telling experiments of sorts.

Here's Jonathan's description of the project -
"In May 2007, I spent nine days living with a family of Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost settlement in the United States. I documented their traditional whale hunt with a plodding sequence of 3,214 photographs, taken at five-minute intervals for seven days, and at even higher frequencies in moments of high adrenaline. This established a constant “photographic heartbeat” that more or less matched the changing pace of my own heartbeat, and which recorded every moment of the hunt. I then developed a framework for experiencing this story, allowing the viewer to rearrange the photographic elements of the story to extract multiple sub-stories focused around different people, places, topics, and other variables."

Here's the ways you can see the photos, and then once you begin to click through, you can change the constraints of what you're viewing - only pictures in Barrow Alaska, about so and so, doing just this, etc etc.

Explore it...and give yourself a little time to do so.

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