Monday, November 15, 2010

Contemporary Architecture on "V"

Well its no news that the ABC remake of "V" used the architecture of Santiago Calatrava, primarily his Milwaukee Museum of Art, as inspiration for the interiors of the alien spaceship. With huge curving beams and lots of cool whites and greys, it had Calatrava all over it.

What I found interesting instead when watching the show last fall was what they did to create the part of the ship shown when sitting on the leader Ana's balcony of sorts. Overlooking the rest of the ship, if you look closely, you may recognize a few works of architecture not-so-much emulated, like the rest of ship, as just plain old plopped in there.

Having personally studied and visited these actual buildings, I thought it was hysterical to first notice Norman Foster's Swiss Re, or 30 St Marys Axe, lying pathetically on its side. Then I soon realized the a few other Santiago Calatrava buildings from the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia were making cameos as well. Both L'Hemisfèric and El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe appear as completed buildings just hanging out in the background.

Certainly an interesting way to make the architecture of your spaceship look contemporary - just rip off actual contemporary architecture.

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