Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fluid Vase

A brilliant combination in 3D modeling and visualization with 3D printing creates these one-of-a-kind splash vases. Created by Supabold, they have partnered with i.materialise to allow customers to digitally create their own simulated splash, choose the best moment and have it turned into a vase. The i.materialise website says about the project:

“Supabold’s Fluid Vase is a moment frozen in time. Water rushes in splashing, filling the void. The splashes are physics & poetry.

You can now select a water drop, position it and watch the water flow. Choose the most beautiful instant and forever capture it. 3D printing takes this moment and turns it into your unique vase.”

These vases are incredible. If they didnt cost $600, I'd be making myself one right now :)

See on FastCoDesign.

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