Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Roman Ondák is amazing

Roman Ondák is creating another living infographic at the temporary stedelijk. He's a Slovakian artist plotting visitors’ heights whose mean will become increasingly apparent over the four months of the exhibition. Ondák created "Measuring the Universe" at the Museum of Modern Art last year and gave visitors a similar experience. Attendants measure visitors by height, first name and date. What started as boring white walls quickly becomes a visualization of aggregated data.

Since I'm doing my thesis on data visualization, its always so fun to see how far outside of the box one can go to show a visualization. Instead of a printed or even interactive graphic, bound by paper edges or screen edges, Ondák has created a visualization you can be a part of. With your participation, it will not look the same, and without any participation, it could not exist at all. How fantastic.

Article and pictures see on DesignBoom

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