Sunday, November 28, 2010

iPad's Everywhere in JFK's Delta Terminal

I flew into JFK today on what can only be described as a miniature version of an actual plane. We had to deplane close to a half-mile away from the terminal and after the walk, we emerge through a sketchy, back staircase into the ancient Terminal 2 & 3 of JFK currently occupied by Delta.


Upon entering the terminal I was pleasantly surprised to see a snazzy looking restaurant, Croque Madame, equipped with iPads at every table...yes, this borderline vintage terminal has gone technology friendly and this new restaurant (it just opened November 16th) lets users not only order their food from these iPads, but also check email, check their fantasy football scores and hop on facebook.

Unfortunately, I didn't take the time to snap an actual picture of people using the iPads...almost every singe table was occupied and most people were using the iPads. Along with the iPads, there is also an impressive array of outlet/charging options at each table.

According to Delta, this will be expanded to LaGuardia later this year. Within JFK, they have this iPad installation at both Croque Madame, a French-inspired dining concept developed by New York chef Andrew Carmellini & Bar Brace, an Italian dining concept from New York restaurateur Jason Denton.

Picture from Gothamist

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