Sunday, September 26, 2010

Digital Fitness Trainers

In this NY Times article, author Anne Eisenberg discusses some of the recent technologies that have come on the market to help people stick to a fitness plan. If you are competitive and just need a record of your journey, theres gadgets that will record of your weight, heart rates or distance walked and even publish them to your twitter feed (for the very brave). Or for those who need more motivation, there is a watch that will tell you that its "Exercise day" and say "Good workout" once you've finished. Thats not enough for you? Well then theres a new robot developed by an MIT grad that will "look" you in the eye and help you keep on track with diet advice.

Another popular means of keeping track of working out are applications for iPhones/iPods/Androids. Websites likes RunKeeper and DailyBurn help you keep track of how far you've run, your heartrate and even help you find good routes to use depending on what type of fitness you're doing - run, walk, bike, hike etc.

Based on my brand platform "Walking makes you smarter" I will be developing something more along the lines of RunKeeper and DailyBurn but less for fitness nuts and more for old folks. Just 40 mintues a day, 3 times a week can improve brain connections and therefore, brain function in people over 60. I hope to use some of the concepts that RunKeeper and DailyBurn have established but also incorporate a relational aspect, so that you can "go for a walk" with an old friend who lives 2000 miles away by using the app and keeping up with each other.

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