Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Wilderness Downtown

If you have Google Chrome, go to the website and do it yourself, its so much better!

This video explores the capabilities of Chrome and does lots of things I've never seen before. Before the song starts, the site asks for your home address. During the video, Google imagery is used of the location you type in, showing both aerial views and street panoramas. Its quite impressive.

Also, you are asked to draw a postcard during the song about 3 minutes in. The lines you draw grow tree-like roots and when you connect a shape a wispy sort of grey color appears. The best part is that little birds then fly in and land on the lines you have drawn.

Later in the video, trees are seen growing in Google views (your home imagery if you do it yourself). The postcard you draw is later printed and sold/given out at concerts on seed paper, so that it can, in fact, go trees in your hometown. Pretty elegant connection of all the elements.

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