Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whats going on with these commercials?

As a self proclaimed commercial critic, I posted some of my all time favorites last week. A good commercial goes such a long way with me. However, on the flip side, a bad commercial is just a memorable, albeit for the wrong reasons. This commercial came on last night while I was watching some football with my roommate. Both of us simply stared in disbelief and wondered who on earth thought this was a good idea. You decide for yourself if the "terrible but memorable" approach is working here. I actually used to like Quizno's but their advertising has been so bad for so long now, it actually makes me not want the food - which I'm sure is not what they're going for.

And then another strangely weird, but far less creepy commercial I saw for the first time last week. This one had my roommate and I cracking up because it was so ridiculous, instead of wanting to hide in a corner like the one before.

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